1. Behind the turbine is optimal... Super Dri is hands down the best.... I've tried them all...
    AFTERBURNER1 Location: Anaheim Hills, CA
  2. Super Dri: High Density, Medium Hang time, Good burn. Well I tried them all and if you want the best results, Super Dri is the way to go, yes its expensive and blah blah blah, but it makes the best smoke. The quality of smoke is the thickest out of anything I have tried, it burns the cleanest and has good hang time. I wish they could increase the hang time to match aero cumoulus, without loosing smoke density; but if I had to pick I would take the density over hang time. All test were done on my 1.45 hawk that has a 37" pipe with tamjet Super -J injector, using a slider for the smoke pump to test different smoke flow ratings.
    DiscoWings Location: Baton Rouge, LA
  3. I have just started to use the Tams smoke system in my Wren Turboprop. I used Super Dri Aviation Smoke Oil. It was terrific. Huge volumes of brilliant white smoke. Super Dri is clear it does not leave a dirty residue. I have the turboprop in a Carden 35% Extra and any residue will stain the sides and wings of the model. All suggestions of what you have used welcome. Or is it possible to buy it in larger quantites. I cant imagine the full size guys using it in 1 gallon bottle
    TOMMYWATSON Location: Pendle Hill, AU
  4. Tom, Super Dri is by far the best ! Ive tried all possible homebrews and nothing comes even close to Super Dri. From my experience straight diesel is equivalent to any homebrew / mix.
    Xantos Location: MumbaiIndia, INDIA