Plumbing Smoke Testing 
Cinema Special Effects
For more than 50 years, smoke testing has proven to be a vital part for successful inflow and infiltration testing in sewer systems. Smoke testing is relatively simple process. A smoke blower sends smoke mixed with large volumes of air into a sanitary sewer line through the manholes (as Shown above). It then finds cracks or leaks in the pipeline and exits up through the ground identifying problem areas. 
 In 2012 Winner of an Academy Award for Scientific & Technical Achievement, Dieter Sturm, uses our fluids exclusively for special effects in movies and commercials.
Fire Fighter Smoke Simulations
Fire Fighters use Super Dri Liquid Test Smoke to test the skills and gain experience for their professional firefighters in live exercises. Our smoke provides a safe flameless simulated environment for new trainees. 
Our Sky Smoke products are used on Drones and RC planes alike. There are so many ways to make your Flight experience better with Super Dri's Sky Smoke.