About Us
Family Owned and Opperated Since 1976
Over 40 years of Excellent Service & the Highest Quality Product
Super*Dri started in 1976 as a result of a multi-year, successful effort to find the "BEST" fluid to produce the most intense and brilliant smoke desired by our customers.
Early smoke fluid attempts included experimentation with full-strength and mixes of diesel, corvus, mineral spirits, kerosene and, yes, even gasoline. (DO NOT try this yourself!) Over the years preceding 1989, we have used these homemade blends. as well as the few commercially available "smoke oils". We were never really satisfied by these products containing many solvents. Every one we tried was either too messy, harmed the material or paint, toxic to breath, and definitely did not perform as well as we demanded.

Super*Dri in 1994, finally perfected the formula for the worlds best Liquid Smoke Oil. We are one of the only companies to have entensive testing and years of combined experience to provide you with the BEST product ever. We have since expanded our market by using national distributors, dealers and becoming an international supplier. Our Goal has always been to provide you with the very safest and cleanest product avaiable. 

Today, Super*Dri Aviation Smoke Oil is proudly used by an ever-increasing group of individuals, air show operators, military, fire fighters, plumbers, and RC Fliers alike.